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Live Nascar: Ultimate Edition

1.29 usd

Live Race Results with live chat and twitter feeds. This ULTIMATE EDITION puts in your hands the results of every NASCAR race ever run (since 1949, the emergence of NASCAR). NOW WITH NATIONWIDE RESULTS (AND AUDIO)!!
Results from: Every Race; Every Driver; Every Track!
Features Include: • LIVE race updates within 1-2 minutes of the real action • Listen to Live Race Audio• Follow Live Twitter Feeds with race updates• View cup standings with detailed categories such as top5,top10, pole lapsled and more. • Review newsfeeds from all over to get the latest and greatest from this great sport. • Archived race results from every nascar race ever run. View each year or each track or each driver. • Complete driver histories with even breakdowns by individual years and track performances.
This app gives you the complete NASCAR experience. Nowhere in any app or website will you find this compilation of results. Look up any race and result. Answer all those trivia questions and compare drivers. There is no other resource like this on any other app or even the internet itself.
*This APP was developed by FanStar Sports and has no affiliation with Nascar or Sprint Series. The terms used here are as descriptors and in no way associate FanStar with their rightful copyright holders.
**This APP has the same information as our TOTAL NASCAR app, please do not download both as one will get you the same information.